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March 2010 Entries

C# 4 is getting a new feature called named parameters. Although this is a stand-alone feature, it is often used in conjunction with optional parameters. Last week when I was giving a presentation on C# 4, I got a question on a scenario regarding overload resolution that I had not considered before which yielded interesting results. Before I describe the scenario, a little background first. Named parameters is a well documented feature that works like this: suppose you have a method defined like this: ......

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Community Megaphone Podcast with Andrew Duthie and Dane Morgridge. We discussed .NET 4, C# 4, MVC 2, “geek religious wars”, and of course community. You can check out Show #5 here or directly download it. Thanks to Dane and Andrew for having me on the show ......

My company, Applied Information Sciences (AIS), is currently hiring for multiple positions. AIS is growing and we have immediate needs for all levels of technologists with a focus developing on the Microsoft stack! We are seeking .NET developers with a strong Object Oriented Foundation around the DC metro area. Our goal is to find smart people that are technology enthusiasts and interested in staying on the bleeding edge. If you have a passion for solving complex business problems by building flexible ......

Thanks to everyone who attended my C# 4 presentation last night at Philly.NET.  Both the code and the PowerPoint can be downloaded here:  C# 4 New Features.