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November 2009 Entries

Lately I’ve been working with EF 4.0 and finding that many of the new features are catching up with the features previously available in other framework like LINQ to SQL. One example of this is the ability to easily attach objects (for example, disconnected objects that come in from another tier). For example, imagine you had a web service where a consumer submitted an object to get saved – you’d want to instantiate a new context, attach the incoming entity, and save the object. In previous versions ......

Recently my company just released the first version of a new MVC web site: This project, led by Oskar Austegard, is was I consider a highly successful real-world implementation of MVC. In a time when most music these days is downloaded, the production and performance engineers, and recording professionals that work on the music don’t always get credit because there is no CD booklet to look through. Album Credits is almost like a LinkedIn for recording professionals. From the about ......

If you’re planning on being at Windows 7 Developer Boot Camp (already sold out) at PDC 09 next week come check out the “Lunch with the MVPs” scheduled from 12:00-1:15. We will be having several tables where you can come over and have (informal) conversations on a wide range of topics including: MVC, RIA, Silverlight, XNA, LINQ, and more. I will be leading the table “MVC in the Real World” so come check us out. Hope to see you there ......

Thanks to everyone who attended my LINQ to SQL presentation at RockNUG last night. The code samples can be downloaded here: LINQ to SQL demo code. As a point of clarification from last night’s Q&A session after the presentation regarding using LINQ to SQL with true POCO classes that do not even have [Column] mapping attributes, you can have a class like this: 1: public class Contact 2: { 3: public int ID; 4: public string FirstName { get; set; } 5: public string LastName { get; set; } 6: public ......

Tomorrow night I’ll be at RockNUG presenting LINQ to SQL. Yes, LINQ to SQL. Again. In the last 2 years I have presented LINQ to SQL numerous times at various user groups and code camps. Why do I keep getting asked to present LINQ to SQL? Isn’t LINQ to SQL dead? Answer: No. LINQ to SQL is not dead! This confusion all started back in October 2008 with a seemingly innocuous post on the ADO.NET team blog discussing the emphasis that Microsoft was going to put into the Entity Framework going forward. ......

In an effort to continually improve as a developer, one of the things I do is read lots of books. Recently I read ASP.NET MVC in Action by Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman, and Jimmy Bogard. In short, I consider this a “must read” for anyone who is serious about developing with the ASP.NET MVC framework. I’ve heard some people say that this should not be your first MVC book because it is more advanced than other MVC books available. While I can understand that logic to a degree, I think it would be ......

Thanks to everyone who attended my “MVC in the Real World” presentation at CMAP Code Camp today. The code as well as the PowerPoint can be downloaded here: MVC in the Real World Download I also had a few other requests during the talk. First, I had a request to post the code as it looked at the very beginning of my talk before I modified anything. You’ll find that link on the download page above as well (file name: PersonalInfoManager-ReadlWo... Second, I was asked about a couple of ......

Thanks to everyone who attended my C# 4.0 New Languages Features presentation at CMAP last night. Both the code and PowerPoint are available for download. C# 4.0 New Language Features Download After the presentation, I had a few people ask me about some of tools I was using. They can all be found on my Developer Tools and Utilities page. To create my snippets, I’ve been using a tool called Snippy for years (link included on Developer Tools page). However, lately I’ve also been using Snippet Designer ......

I’ll be giving a presentation on C# 4.0 New Language Features this Tuesday at the CMAP Main Meeting.

Also I’ll be presenting MVC in the Real World this Saturday at CMAP Code Camp.

Hope to see you there!