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July 2009 Entries

Last year when MVC was still in CTP, I blogged about using MVC ComponentController and ViewUserControls to render widgets. When MVC CTP4 was released, the ComponentController was eliminated from the framework and the RenderAction() helper method was introduced. Rob Conery has a good post that discussed that here. Despite the ComponentController being eliminated from the framework, I still frequently get questions about the older blog post as well as asking for the code sample to work with the current ......

Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation on WCF 3.5 REST services last night at SOMD NUG. The link to download both the code and power point is here.  It also includes the SQL script for creating the database.

Tomorrow I will be giving a presentation at Southern Maryland .NET User Group on WCF 3.5 REST. This demo-heavy presentation will cover both building and consuming WCF 3.5 REST services. We will dive into many of the new APIs available in the WCF REST Starter Kit with a nod to new features on the horizon in WCF 4.0. Consuming REST services will be explored through a pure AJAX jQuery client as well as a Silverlight client. The session will also give a brief introduction to ADO.NET Data Services ......