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ADO.NET Data Services provides a robust REST API over top of a data source. That data source could be 1) the Entity Framework (EF), 2) LINQ to SQL, or 3) your own custom data source that implements IQueryable and/or IUpdatable. However, it should be noted that in v1, EF is really the “first class” data source for ADO.NET Data Services because it supports both IQueryable and IUpdatable out of the box. In this post I’ll discuss the scenario where you have inheritance in your entity object model and ......

Often when creating web applications, it’s common for us to want to submit or post forms to the server by using a hyperlink rather than an HTML submit button. It might be visually more appealing/consistent or whatever your reason might be to have your buttons look like this: The Cancel button is easy because we can just use a normal Hmtl.ActionLink helper to redirect to whatever our cancel page is. But what to do for the Save link given that we don’t have anything in MVC out of the box that is analogous ......