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October 2008 Entries

The code samples from my recent presentation at the Maryland CMAP code camp can be downloaded here:

N-Tiered LINQ to SQL

MVC and Unit Testing

The code samples from my recent presentation at the CMAP Main meeting can be downloaded here: MVC and Unit Testing. The direct download link is here.

When .NET 2.0 was released, a TryParse() method was added to many value types such as Int32, DataTime, etc. This was a huge improvement because there was no longer a need to catch expensive exceptions and drag down performance. However, one drawback of the TryParse() method is that the syntax is a little clunky. The most common example looks like this: 1: Person person = new Person(); 2: string value = "21"; 3: int num; 4: int.TryParse(value, out num); 5: person.Age = num; So it's great that we can ......

Several weeks ago (before the release of the CTP5 of MVC) I posted a way to leverage the EntLib Validation Application Block with MVC. Since then CTP5 has been released and this finally includes a mechanism for reporting validations. It is important to note that it does not include the mechanism for *how* to do validation but rather how to *report* validations. This is actually a great thing because, first off, it allows the flexibility to utilize whatever validation framework you please rather than ......

This Tuesday I'll be giving a presentation on ASP.NET MVC and Unit Testing at the CMAP main meeting: .