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One of the best things about LINQ to SQL is that is really does have solid support for stored procedures. However, it's not quite as friendly as dynamic LINQ to SQL with scalar values because you can't take advantage of anonymous types. Instead you must return an actual known type. Furthermore, this can't be a primitive so you can't return string or bool directly. You also can't use a class that doesn't have a default (parameterless) constructor so that also rules out nullable types like Nullable<bool>. ......

UPDATE: The component controller was removed from the MVC framework before the RTM release. For an updated version of this post, click here. At some point when creating a web app, you're going to want some reusable UI components. This might be because you want the same visual UI snippet repeated more than once on a single page or it might be because you want to use the same component on multiple pages. In a traditional ASP.NET web app, typically you would use a User Control for this type of thing. ......