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December 2005 Entries

I just installed this VS2005 add- in and it does everything I WISH the VS2005 IDE “encapsulate field” function would have done:

Not all string comparisons will perform the same but I was interested in seeing what exactly the differences were. Regardless of whether I was just performing 1 string comparison or 1 million, using the instance Equals() method was BY FAR the fastest. Of course the danger there is it will fail if the first string is null. Using == will always work regardless of nulls and for a million comparisons was almost as fast as Equals() and WAY faster than any other method (although it should be noted that ......

With the advent of .NET 2.0, Generics is undoubtedly the single most important language enhancement. However, to use generics to the full potential, developers should understand both the capabilities and limitations of generics as they relate specifically to polymorphism. In short, while generics do support some polymorphic behavior, the use of Interfaces should still be the preferred polymorphic mechanism in many cases. First, an example of polymorphic capabilities, abstract class Person { public ......