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Recently with a little advice from Paolo who created the Windows Azure Service Bus Explorer tool ive worked to create a few tasks which will help us to do a little automation around the use of Windows Azure Service Bus.

Being a BizTalk guy at heart I have been thinking about the best ways to manage the configuration of my service bus namespace and in particular when my development team is working on components which interact with Service Bus.

In general we want each developer to be able to work on their own in isolation so when running some tests they dont interfere with other developers so each dev has their own service bus namespace.  From here I wanted to have an experience similar to a BizTalk binding file.

We use the Service Bus Explorer to manage the namespace but then once changes are made we export these to an xml file which we keep in TFS.  This file is then used like a binding file.  When the build runs on our component we will create a new namespace and import the xml to be able to set the namespace up with the right queues and topics etc for any test cases we wish to run.  We also use the Shared Access Secret API to be able to set the security the same for each developer so we dont need to keep juggling config settings around in the development environment.

With this we have created a codeplex project to share this with everyone.

In the project I have an assembly which encapsulates the use of the Azure Management API, the Service Bus Management API and some of the helper classes which come with Service Bus Explorer and provide a simple interface to these features which can then easily be called from powershell or you could also use the MsBuild tasks which come with the project.

In the documentation page on codeplex Ive got examples of how this works and I hope everyone finds this useful
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