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In the past I have had a number of customer engagements where Ive been called in because there are problems. There were often common themes to these issues faced by customers and I had a few processes, tools and ideas about how I helped these customers.

Over time I learned developed a way of analysing the customers position and this has evolved into the BizTalk Maturity Assessment which I wanted to share.  The idea is that you complete a survey which asks various things related to BizTalk in your organisation.  You are then presented with a visualization of where you sit in terms of maturity in different areas of your BizTalk capability.

You should be able to see the areas you need to improve and by retaking the survey at regular intervals you should be able to demonstrate improvement.

I have taken the original idea and then been joined by some of my good friends in the community and included ideas from their experience and I think we have something which will help a lot of customers and something which could be a key community asset in the future.

The site for this project is on the following link:

There is also a case study where I have used the original assessment which demonstrated how I originally used this to help one customer get from a place where they had lots of problems to a place where they were doing BizTalk really well.

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