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In the BizTalk Build Generator there is a tasks library containing tasks which will allow you to easily extend the generated build scripts with some of the common scenarios. Previously I have discussed using the BAM and BRE tasks and this post will show how to use the SSO tasks.

Within the library there are the following tasks which are aimed at configuring SSO (primarily for the configuration application scenario).



Delete Application

Deletes an SSO application


Creates an SSO application configured to act as a config store with a delimited list of the required columns


Populates a column value within an SSO application


Populates a columns value in an SSO application from data in a file. This is useful if you want to store xml in the field for configuration as discussed in many SSO configuration articles.


Enables the SSO application


The tasks cover most of the common uses. The below picture taken from a test for the tasks demonstrates the use of the tasks.

Normally you would use the SSO tasks in the custom build files and do the delete application in the clean up target and then create and enable to application within the setup targets.

Hopefully this post shows that it is easy to use these tasks.

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