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One of the new features of the BizTalk Build Generator is a provider pattern for the build script generation. This means if you prefer to use a different format/structure in your build scripts or even don't like MsBuild and would rather use NANT, Powershell or traditional batch scripts then you could create your own provider which would take advantage of the metadata used by the BizTalk Build Generator and then produce scripts in your own format.

In order to create your own provider you must create a class that implements the BizTalk.BuildGenerator.IBuildProvider interface shown in the below picture.

In your build provider you will need to implement the CreateBuild method which will write out all of your build scripts. The GenerationArgs class which is passed in will contain all of the metadata about the build you have described through the Build Generator interface.

If you would like to see how the default build provider has been implemented the source code for the Build Generator tool can be downloaded from the CodePlex site.

Id be really interested to hear from anyone who ends up implementing their own provider and maybe you would like to contribute this to the community project.

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