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I remember the book by Harold Robbins very well, but it was when I was reading this book that I was introduced to country music and a life that I'll never forget - notwithstanding my career in technology.

Long before I was a coder I was a countruction worker by day and guitar player at night. Mostly I favored the folk songs of the '60's and '70's - but about the time I entered technology - I also ran into a group of guys that will forever be family.

In my early to mid 20's I was picked to play in a band that was then a fill-in in the CMA - basically union players that traveled the circuit in the SE United States (or wherever they were called to) - and I remember my first gig with Gary Morris. I was humbled to be called and facinated with the opportunity to be able to open and play behind a great musician. I had no idea that the next several years of my life would bring me close to legends like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, the Ole Possum - and many more 'old' folks (as I called them) that I had a blast listening to and playing behind.

Recently I had the opportunity to go and visit much of the old band - what's left of the crew anyway. They're well retired, in their 70's, and I had not picked with any of them in over 14 years. My trip down memory lane - and 3 hours of picking in northern Alabama 2 weeks ago - made me take the pause to reflect on memories of another day - perhaps not a long time forgotten just yet.

I had to make the trip south for personal reasons and simply made it a point to visit the ol' boys - and my time with them really made me take pause and reflect on what I have today.

My mentor in the CMA - Pappy to those close to him - RBJ otherwise, served our country in the Army Security Agency - after doing a term in the US Navy. He was stationed in the Aleutians - on Shemya - for the better part of 18 months. You would have to researh this island and our history from WWII to really appreciate where Pappy has been. My brief visit with my old friend was a time of reflection for me because of personal tragedy in my life - and a time of reflection for Pappy too. I had no idea really where he'd been or what he'd done outside of our music career together. And it was facinating to hear some of this history.

I came away from this trip with a resounding reminder that no matter how tough things seem in my life - they're a lot tougher for others - I guess it just depends on which way the pendulum is swinging :)

As a picker in the 70's/80's - there was no Internet to distract me, or perhaps remind me - of history. Life was 9-5 during the day and a blast at night.

In today's technologically driven as well as challenged life style - there is a whisper of history to be found at your finger tips - on the Net - and a recounting of days, years, and lives past that is simply incredible - if only I take the journey.

Nope... this was not intended to be a Geek post that would provide you with some really enlightening step-by-step that you are fervently searching to find. It is simply a tribute to a friend - Pappy - that needed to be paid. Thank you my friend, and God bless...


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...reflection is good; giving back in some way is best.....

I agree 100% with... " ...there is a wisper of history to be found at your finger tips.......

I am retired, and feel that as others enter this stage of life, there will be a FARE greater NEED, for people to share and reflect on life.

resp; michael
Left by michael hamilton on Sep 30, 2007 4:59 AM

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Good day Michael
My Name is Alan Mosley I live in Augusta Western Australia. I am a ASP.Net software developer that’s likes to write admin scripts. I have been writing admin scripts for some time. Today I thought I would try to convert some of my scripts to VB.Net and found your site on the net. First I thought site was very informative and a great help. Then I read your post about Country Music and I thought I must write to you. I am a great fan of Classic Country Music, Hank Williams, George Jones, Slim Whitman and the like; I also like Bluegrass like Flat and Scruggs, Bill Monroe as well as old time stuff like Vernon Dalhart, the Carter Family, Jimmy Rogers, the Sons of the Pioneers and all the stuff in between. It just great to find someone that shares three of my loves, programming, system admin and Country Music, let alone someone that has met such greats as George, Willie and Waylon. Like you I had a different life before programming I ran night clubs and wasted a lot of years partying but having a good time. We did not play Country Music at my clubs, but if you stayed back for a drink after hours it was nothing but country, and I like to think that I helped keep interest in the music by exposing a lot of kids to it.
I will be reading your blog from now on.

All the best
Alan Mosley

PS: Sorry to hear about your personal lose
Left by Alan Mosley on Jul 11, 2008 10:09 AM

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