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After installing MOSS and launching the SharePoint Configuration Wizard (psconfig.exe) - you are ready to begin the last leg of your MOSS installation/setup.

Here you provide the setup with the particualars for your server. Often you are installing MOSS with SQL Server being remote from MOSS, and you will be using a domain-level service account for the installation. The following is an example of the data you might enter during this step:

(if the pic does not show - click here)

Here you have a named instance of SQL Server - HAMPDOCNC running on a machine named HAMDC02.

You have a service account - $ervice_MossSa - that is a domain-level account running on the HAMILTON domain.

You click NEXT and you get the following:

(if the pic doesn't show - click here)

There are a number of reasons you can get this message. In short, if you review the 3rd to last ERR entry in the PCSDiagnostics (latest one) in \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\LOGS - you'll see the above titled error - followed by a slew of other highly technical dump mumbo jumbo.

The gist is - the account is not getting passed to SQL Server. Why?

When you Google and otherwise research this error - it more often is associated with trying to connect to SQL Server from a ASP.Net application - but this is not the case here.

Here are a couple of obvious things to check if you receive this message:

  • Ensure that the Surface Area Configuration for SQL Server has been run on the host SQL Server - and that remote connections are allowed and that the transport of both TCP/IP and Named Pipes has been set.
  • Ensure that Enable Network DTC has been configured on both the SQL Server and any/all MOSS host servers.

Finally, be sure you reboot the MOSS host after setting up the Enable Network DTC


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