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My MS experience so far has been very positive.  No other internship/coop position has forced me to use some much of the skills I have learned in school and then some.  I can't really detail my project however, I have had to learn everything from low level miniport drivers to APIs and everything in between.  So far I have had my head in a book at every space moment and I still have a ton to learn.  Some of the stuff I'm doing is at a lower level than I like, but it is still valuable to know so all in all it is not a bad experience.  The benefit to being on a project that has such a broad scope is that I get to meet everyone from a lot of different teams and make many great contacts and friends.  For example, today I met Anthony Jones because I had a 1-1 meeting with him to get some data about WinSock 2.  Anthony is the author of the flagship winsock book titled “Network Programming for Microsoft Windows” version 2.  I forgot to get him to sign my book today though :(.  Needless to say work and reading has taken up a lot of my time lately, however, this is a long weekend in the states so I have decided to devote one day to implementing some Imange Cup features for the world competition.  I think if we get all our planned changes done for the worlds we will have a good shot because our app utilizes a broad range of technologies and solves a real problem.  We made sure we didn't just build something cool and then go look for a problem for it to solve.  The world is populated with too much of that type of software already ;). 

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I've got big trouble when programming winsock2 lsp, could you help me about this question?

or could you tell me the blog/mail addres of Anthony Jones?

Thank you very much!
Left by twinsant on Sep 06, 2004 4:07 AM

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