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I never thought I'd be happy to say, it's good to be back in NJ, but I think it's just good to be home again - for a while anyway.  Oh wait, this posting is a few days late - I'm leaving again today !  Yikes !

I just got back from doing to three-city INETA tour in Austin, Pittsburgh, and Detroit.  In the first and the last, I did what's kinda become my trademark talk, “Hitting the Ground Running with Custom Webcontrols”.  As always, it was very well received in both places.  I love doing this talk because it gets people excited about a technology that most don't know very well.  In Pittsburgh I did my “Webcontrol Enhancements in ASP.NET 2.0” talk.  I did this one in VSLive San Francisco where it went real well too.  I got accepted to VSLive Orlando and I just found out I got accepted to VSLive Las Vegas - that will be my first visit to Vegas believe it or not.  So you can definately say I'm racking up the frequent flyer miles.  I'm leaving for Atlanta today to teach a two-day ASP.NET class there, then I'm teaching a five-day .NET class in San Francisco in a couple of weeks.  Though the travel gets a little tiring sometimes, I love imparting knowledge and that makes it totally worth while.  The worst part is being away from my little girl (2 years old, going on 17).

I'm gonna be putting together a 2-3 day custom webcontrol workshop pretty soon so I'll get the word out about registration for that.  So far, evangelizing this technology has been a lot of fun and very successful.  I maintain constant email dialogs with people who attend my talks and it never gets tiring helping them through their continuing education.

Off to Atlanta...


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