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Well, looks like I'll be offline in the evening for the next two or three days.  My laptop ceased to function last night.  First, VS2003 closed down without warning, but that was shortly followed by a complete shutdown (yes, with BSOD).  Reboots proved futile.  I only lost about an hour's worth of work so that's not so bad.  I have not been able to get Safe Mode booted, or VGA only, and have also not been able to perform a “R”epair from the XP disc.  I tried reinstalling Windows on top of the current install and it crashed too.  The disk scans it performs when it tries to boot fail on the index verifications.  Either way, looks like without a complete reformat, this drive is screwed so I ordered another 7200RPM 60GIG drive today for overnight shipping.  Once I build that one, I'll attempt to connect the old one as an external and copy my emails only (the only thing I lost).  Then hopefully I can just reformat it and use it as another external drive.  This is also an aftermarket 7200rpm drive so the original 5400rpm drive that came with the notebook is in an external casing and used for backups and Virtual PC images.  I appologize to my friends who are used to seeing me online (MSN) nearly every night.  See you in a couple of days. Posted on Monday, March 14, 2005 3:37 PM | Back to top

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