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So I'm going to Vegas tomorrow and I tell myself I gotta break this losing streak before I go. (I'm down $50)

I logon to and enter into a $10 turney. I get to 4th place, no prize I sit back and think about how I lost, hummmm.

I enter into a $5 turney and bet only when I have a good head. I come in 3rd, $10 winnings. I'm up $5 for the night.

I play another $5 turney, but this time I bluff a little, lose.

I go back to the $10 turney and play only good hands. I win.

Rules to self:

When playing poker only bet when you hold one of the better possible hands. Fold to a show of strength.

Bluf only when all signs point to every one being weak.

I wil test these rules out somemore tonight and let you know how it goes.



Posted on Friday, July 2, 2004 10:23 AM Poker | Back to top

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