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Went to my local hobby shop to play Hero Clixs yesterday. (For those of you not geekish enough, imagine playing minature soldiers with a lot of rules and dice, then turn the soldiers into comic book characters and put them on a printed map, add objects that superhero's could through around, and u got some good clean fun.)

I always lose, but I'm always coming in 2nd, Of course seconds wins you squat, and first place gets you a free figure.

Well yesterday it hit me as to why I lose, the game hinges around a point system. You recieve points as you defeat people. I usually only play to “win” the immediate game. This means once I kill off your high point character, I play defensivly.

I win almost every match that I play, but I lose the tournament. Winning my battles but losing the war.

I wonder where else in life I do this.

Just a Daily Musing


Posted on Wednesday, June 30, 2004 11:05 AM Games , Day to Day | Back to top

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