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I was listening to NPR the other day and they reported about a killer whale that's stuck in a harbor. Evidently the Fishing Department is trying to catch the whale in a large net?? and fly him back to the ocean to get with his pod. (BTW: A pod is a herd of whales, as I understand it *grin*)

Anyway, this native american chief happens to die the day the killer whale gets stuck in the harbor. The Cheif tells his people that when he dies he will come back as.... u guess....a  killer whale.

So the government hires the best “whale bounty hunters” (NPR's quote) to hunt for this whale while the indians paddle on canoes in the harbor, “singing” the whale away from the bounty hunters.

As if that's not comical enough.

The whale has been stuck for 3 years and evidently he's gotten a bit human friendly. It is reported the people have tried to brush the whale's teeth.

One guy even went so far as to pour beer down the whale's blow hole.....HOW DRUNK DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO TRY THAT?! 

“Hey Bob, check it out a killer whale.....I wonder how much it takes to get it drunk...paddle on over there and find out for me will ya”

Anyway, I bought wrecked my car I was laughing so hard from the news report.


Posted on Saturday, June 26, 2004 3:19 PM Day to Day | Back to top

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What if the whale really is the former chief?
Left by chris on Jun 30, 2004 1:00 PM

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