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In my very humble opinion keeping things simple is wiser.

I'm at work and we are debating using a third party active x controll to display info to our users. Now I have nothing against the grid controll we wish to work with, except that it seems to constantly give us problems. (They are loaded with a recordset which is created client side using a variety of protocals (ADO-XML, RDS or XMLHttp).

For the most parts these grids look just like HTML tables, so I'm thinking to myself, why not just use server side code and HTML to display the info.

Of course then we don't have a distinction between our visual layer and the business layer (or so my Co-Worker tells me), Plus they say all the functionality is allready built into the grid (number formatting, date formatting, etc...) Where as we'd have to build it in the HTML tables.

I like to keep things very simple and HTML and Server Side Recordsets sound simple to me. But I'm young in this game so I can be wrong (as I often am *grin*)




Posted on Saturday, June 12, 2004 3:20 PM Day to Day | Back to top

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