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I’ve blogged about the tools and have played with the hardware, now its time to put an application on the actual Windows Phone 7 hardware. I will guide you through the entire process step-by-step. Please note that I have an early version of the phone and had to get a Connect Login to download Zune 4.7. If you are reading this after the phone has launched then you can probably just go to the Zune web page and download it directly. You will also want to skip down until the next section that starts the Zune install.

For those using Microsoft Connect, the first thing that you will need to do is get your Microsoft representative to grant you a Connect login  Note: You have to be nominated by someone at Microsoft in order to join the program/get a phone.

You should read over the documentation, but I’m sure you will head straight for the downloads sections.

You will want to download the latest WP7 Technical Preview Zune Software. In my case it was the 9/30/10 release.

After downloading the software (usually around 500mb), extract it and you will find the following file structure:



Double click on the StartZune.exe and you will notice Zune v4.7 is going to be installed. *Please note that in order for your Windows Phone 7 to be recognized, you will have to use this software*. If you don’t it will say, “USB unrecognized” in the device manager. I foolishly tried to get this to work with Zune v4.2 for about 2 hours.




After you click Launch, it searches for drivers for the Phone. Be patient and if it doesn’t find the device then unplug the usb cord and try again.




This is the main screen that you will see after the Zune software is installed and your phone has loaded the proper device drivers.








At this point, you are ready to start publishing your custom app to the phone. You will need to click Start->All Programs and look for Windows Phone Developer Registration.


Make sure you have the USB plugged into the phone and you are at the home screen.



As you can tell the program requires your Windows Live ID. Use the same one that your is linked too.


Notice that you can Unregister the device. I believe that Microsoft only allows 3 devices per live account. If you have a demo unit, make sure that you unregister it before giving it back.

Open Visual Studio 2010 and load your existing Windows Phone 7 project. Normally the box highlighted in Red below would be set to Windows Phone 7 Emulator. You can now switch it to Windows Phone 7 Device.


Before you attempt to deploy your application, you will need to be on the home screen. You can change the time that the phone locks by going to Settings->Lock & Wallpaper. I would recommend setting it to “never”. After you are finished developing switch it back to whatever you want. If your phone is locked Visual Studio you will get the error message below:


To deploy your application to the phone, click Build and then Deploy <ApplicationName>. Make sure that you have the Zune software installed and running.



You will need to slide over to Applications and look for whatever you named your application. Touch it and it should run.


I really can’t explain how awesome it feels to see your application running on the Windows Phone 7 hardware. The emulator is great for testing but to see how your app performs you will really need the hardware. The process of deploying your app is very simple and if you love Silverlight then you are already ready to start developing for the phone. That is the entire process, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve included some links below and you should really register for the free 2 day event by Microsoft.

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