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I watched John Papa’s Silverlight TV Ep 42: Apply and Customize the new Silverlight Themes this morning and decided to try it out. I felt that the documentation for getting started was sparse, so I decided to write my own to help the community.

First, what is is and why do I care? The themes are designed to provide a navigation template for a Silverlight Business Application. If you are not a designer then chances are you are not going to make something this pretty. =)

First, you should download the themes here. This pack includes the following themes :

Note: The Jet Pack is not available yet but should be available soon.

After you download the theme pack and extract it you will get 2 folders, one for Expression Blend 4 and another for Visual Studio 2010. I had no problem installing the VS2010 by double clicking on the .VSIX file. The Visual Studio 2010 was straight-forward, so I will focus on Blend 4.  The README_First.txt document says that you will need to copy the themes for Blend 4 into the %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Expression\Blend 4\ProjectTemplates\en\CSharp\Silverlight folder. This is only correct for X86 installs of Expression Blend 4. For other X64 versions of Blend 4 you will need to copy the files into the \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Expression\Blend 4\ProjectTemplates\en\CSharp\Silverlight folder.

At this point, it would be best if you install the Silverlight 4 Toolkit if you don’t already have it. If you don’t install the Silverlight 4 Toolkit and try to run the project you will get this.


So head on over to and hit the download button. Click next, until the installation is finished.


Once they are installed you can use the theme by going into Blend 4 and selecting New Project –> Silverlight –> Themes.


Select the theme that you want and you should be good to go.


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