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Tuesday, May 18, 2010 #

Great Websites for everyday tips and tricks - Tips & Tricks to hack your life. - Great tips and tricks for life and computers - Good blog by a Windows MVP concentrating on Windows tips & tricks. - Good blog that summarizes the tech world happenings. - Blog concentrating on the internal happenings for big companies
Inspirational Stuff - Insipration articles relating to management, etc... - Wonderful quotes with images to inspire you everyday.
.NET Technology Stuff - The Morning brew blog which summarizes the happening in Microsoft related technology world for that day. - Blog of legendary Scott Gutherie from Microsoft. - Blog of legendary Scott Hanselman from Microsoft. - Blog by Pinal Dave, a SQL Server MVP for any information regarding SQL Server. - Blog by Suprotim Agarwal, a ASP.NET MVP for a fantastic articles on .Net 
Downloads - Releases the latest versions of many great softwares as when a new version is released, great website to keep your softwares updated all the time. - Great website for downloading softwares. - I always check on to the latest downloads in Microsoft.
Webdesign - Great website that focuses mainly on the UX / Web Design stuff. - Another website that focuses on various apps that could make our life more easier, informative.
Others - I love Microsoft and always check their homepage time to time. - I love cricket and want to keep up myself with the happenings. - ? - ?
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Book mark this page -, I will keep updating this as when I find more interesting websites.