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all respect to the "early-days-programmers" who used some cheap texteditor to write programms, but you have to take in mind that software at that time wasn't as blown up ( especaly GUI ) those days as they are now. working with more than x000 lines of code in a simple text editor without codehighlighting or other common features modern IDEs provide, requires a lot of concentration and patience(you need both anyway). Or is it that the "next generation" of developers has become spoiled by the "improvments" made over the past couple years. for example: implementing a interface in C# requires a click or a key combination ( in VS2005) and all methods and properties are implemented with a NotImplemented Exception being thrown if not modified. All in all, as posted before i'm currently working with VS6 and i'm desperatly looking forward to work with vs2005 and the .NET platform (for GUI apps). Microsoft did a quite good job on their new "baby" .NET, also there are serveral bugs or mistakes which are really bad ( Interop for example always returned true when making a call to a boolean method (fixed in 2.0) , poor guy who had to find that out ;) ) And their naming conventions don't make any sense. renaming WinFX to .NET 3.0 and running on 2.0 Framework isn't very clever, its confusing not more. but developing with Microsoft is somekinda hate-love and as long as there is love involved everything is good ;) Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2006 5:40 PM Development | Back to top

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