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A few months ago I started to read about WF (Windows Workflow) because we need a workflow solution for our projects. First, we considered Skelta to use it with SPS but, honesty, it was out of our budget. At that time (almost a year ago), we heard about "a new workflow engine" (WinOE if I remember correctly) coming from Microsoft but nothing else, but we thought it would be a good idea wait to see what happen later.
As all of you maybe know, on PDC WF was presented and we are very excited about this. I said before, I started to play with WF but also, was my first real expose with C# 2.0. I read about the new features of C# 2.0 some time ago (partial classes, anonymous methods, generics, nullable types, etc.), and I did some code but nothing special, the classic foo/bar thing, but now if you plan to use WF, you should know all the new features of C# 2.0 and more. If not, this is a great chance to start playing with it using a new technology doing interesting stuff. Just download the Hands On Lab to start.
Now I will be focused in WF for our new project, and I'm almost sure this is the first post of many more to come. Posted on Friday, March 17, 2006 8:17 PM Windows Workflow | Back to top

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