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Some time ago I had a lecture on one of the IT Academic Days events that was held in Poland. I finally got some pictures from that event so I blog about it now even though it was more than 2 months ago. This little person in the middle of the picture on right is me. I was speaking to 150 students about workflow engines. I showed them Windows Workflow Foundation engine and its usage and then I followed it with my company solution that I designed and implemented (Free Workflow - free is only a name). I believe the presentation was a success. Students were laughing at my silly jokes (it's usually good sign of acceptance of the presenter) or maybe they were laughing at me (I don't know it yet). Anyway it was a great show.

I created two workflow samples.
First one showed a flow of student request to deanery (I found this word in a dictionary but I mean a place where students come to get something done - :-). It was created with WWF and I believe they enjoyed the sample. The second one showed pizza ordering workflow and this one wasn't so funny but was much more real. The first sample was to get their attention and the second one was the real knowledge. I don't dare to believe they learned anything during my lecture. I only wanted them to know what worklfowing is all about. When I asked at the beginning, who knows what workflow is, only 3 people admitted they know. After the presentation I asked who is interested in deepening his knowledge about the topic and there was many hands up.

I believe my presentation goal was achieved.
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