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Yesterday I was on my third geek lunch with bunch of other geek developers. One of those geek was Szymon Kobalczyk who posted about that here. As always (I'm not sure if three times make always) it was a place to gather thousand of ideas / tools and geek things in an hour (or two). Each time there I just try to remember all of those tools / technologies we mention just to check what it is. This time we decided to provide some meal-topic which was 'Gathering and managing knowledge'. I posted about it once. I'd like to focus a bit more on tools I use or I used. I showed them during the lunch (except Leo which I am evaluating at the moment)

Tiddlywiki -

Tiddlywiki is an html based wiki that does not require any tool or environment except a browser. It is self-contained environment written in Javascript that can save itself. It is ideal when you want to edit content easily in a wiki style and do something with it - send it to someone or publish. Because of it's simplicity it is beautiful. Additionally what Szymon Kobalczyk did is an application that extracts the content from the wiki and converts it using xslt to html which then is converted to chm file. So what we have with this approach is very simple environment for editing, distibuting and generally working with information and then generating a real help file from that. That's also something I call beautifull.

Freemind -

This tool I use a lot nowadays. I added screen below with mindmap exported from the tool. I wanted to export is as a flash so you could click it but it's not so easy to place a flash on the site here.


I use mind mapping to organize my knowledge and tasks. My maps live their lives and evelve every day. I have few maps: work, finance, TODO, self-development, etc. Each of them contains some knowledge (except TODO which mainly contains my wifes ideas to do in home) and tasks that I should accomplished. One of the most important featues of such map is ability to collapse a node. If I am not interested in something I hide it and clears my mind. Another thing that I find helpful is that when you think how to organize the map you actually organize your mind and start thinking in a organic way. For me it's a way to calm my brain down.

Mind Manager -

This one I believe does not require recommendation. I tried this one and I got fascinated with mind mapping. It has almost everything. Unfortunatelly it's not free and there is a free alternative (Freemind). Like eveyrthing it has it's drawback. The Freemind does not have all the features but till now I do not really need all of them (or maybe I don't need something I don't have).

Leo -

This one is the newest of my tools. It was recommended by one of my coleagues and looking at the tutorial that is available on the Leo's home page it's very interesting. I will eveluate it further and let you know how does it work.

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I know this site is mostly for students using Tablet PC's, but here is a list of some other tools that you might want to look at:
Left by Szymon on Sep 21, 2007 7:13 PM

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