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I've just taken Writual Lab on Windows Communication Foundation available at The lab is titled: Understanding Windows Communication Foundation. It is really amazing - I mean the WCF. If I only had this stuff few years ago, or even a year ago. No web services, remoting, channel sinks, asymetric communication problems and many others. Hmmm, I am dreaming now, how to rewrite application that I am currently working on. I believe it is possible as I have service centric application (I don't write SOA here to not confuse everybody who thinks SOA == WS).

The WCF at the first glance looks like a framework exactly for me although I have few concerns and main one is the client-side-progamming-model. I do not know much about WCF yet but it looks for me like somthing that could be done better. I hope it's just a first impression. I believe the client side programing is extremeley important in client-server communication mechanisms. I used both WS and remoting technologies in .NET and I see that there is much more to code (consume services) on client side of such application. I will try to explain it further when I know more about WCF.

My journey to WCF starts right now. I am installing .NET 3.0 at the moment (there is few installs to download).

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Pls sned complte Windows Communication Foundation - Virtual Lab asap .Thanks in Advance
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