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It’s been a long time, my dear…

March the 28th, 2016. The date I published my last blog post… It's been a long time indeed. And in those mere 3 years a lot of things happened to my life. Not that that is supposed to be an excuse or anything, I've always been a poor blogger when it comes to consistently publishing .

Back in 2016, we still lived in California. We've bought, renovated, gotten a kid, sold, moved transatlantic, switched jobs, and bought again in the last 3 years when it comes to our personal life. As far as major life events go, that's quite a few of them in a very short time span… Yet we endured the way we always do. With heads high, minds clear and focused, and with a macabre sense of humor.

In 2017, I became a father to a miniature version of myself. Whether that's good or bad is yet to be determined, but so far, it's been both nerve wrecking and hilarious. With that happening, life priorities began to change, and while I absolutely loved the nature, sun, and people back in California, we decided that for the future of our child, as well as our own mental sanity (raising a kid without a real support network is exhausting) it would be in our best interest to move back to Europe.

In 2018, the decision was made that it would be the Netherlands we settle in, and the search for a new job was started. Both internally at Microsoft, and out in the "real" world. After many months of interviews and early morning calls (PST and GMT+1 don't really match up well), I decided to leave Microsoft to take on a Senior Cloud Architect role at Sogeti Netherlands, a choice that I made with a heavy heart as I absolutely loved working at Microsoft, especially with the stupidly smart people I had the privilege of working every day with. Not only did they challenge me to learn something new every day, they made me raise my own bar. Perhaps drove me to be slightly workaholic even. [S] Then again, doesn't everyone push 3 code updates in the middle of the nights to the staging branches for the tool you've been writing which would make your fellow engineers lives drastically easier? [/S]

And on August the 4th, 2018 I said goodbye. Goodbye to all my colleagues, to the customers I worked with over the years at Microsoft, to a bunch of great managers, and goodbye to an organization that I had seen evolve (the only constant is change ~ Brian Keane) and loved quite dearly.

During the month of September we would fly to Amsterdam, look for a place to live, and try to get a new life going. September 1st I started at Sogeti Netherlands in Vianen (Utrecht… Apparently there's 2 Vianen in the country which confused the Volvo SatNav immensely!), and made an attempt to hit the ground running in 'Good Old PFE' style. And so I did… I've encountered new people, smart people, and interesting customers.

In 2019, so far we've bought another house, and renovations on that have started. A charming old 1928 house that needed some love. And love we shall provide it! This time for many years to come, as I'm absolutely through with moving around. A place for our little family to grow (old) and to make memories.

What the future of 2019 might hold, one can only guess. Hopefully a more consistent blog post line up, lots of challenging projects, personal growth, and lots of laughs. Thank you for being there all these years, thank you for watching me grow professionally, as well as personally, but most of all, thank you for being you. People in the IT field don't hear enough that they are awesome for putting in the hours, and dedication, for a role that mainly goes without praise. IT is the field that helps business grow and meet customer demands (when done right!), but in the end we serve the business as technology leaders.

Peace out,

Marc Dekeyser
Knowledge is Power, Wisdom is gaining Understanding.

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