August 2013 Entries
Verify connectivity to Exchange 2013
verifying connectivity from outlook to Exchange
Moving users to exchange 2013
how to move users from an Exchange legacy environment to exchange 2013
Enabling Circular logging in Exchange 2013
Enabling circular logging in Exchange 2013
Configuring Outlook to use Outlook Anywhere
How to force outlook to connect only through Outlook Anywhere / RPC over HTTPS
Exchange 2013: OAB configuration
How to create a new OAB in Exchange 2013 and assign it to a database
Exchange 2013: Database Availability Group configuration
In todays article we are going to have a look at configuring (creating) a DAG in Exchange 2013, adding a server to it and adding a database copy to a mailbox database.
Exchange 2010: Enable Outlook Anywhere
how to enable Outlook anywhere on Exchange 2010
Exchange 2013: Configuring the virtual directories
Part 3 of the migration requires us to configure the virtual directories in Exchange 2013.
Migrating from Microsoft Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013

Migrating to 2013 is a multi step process but not all that complicated. In a series of articles I will got through each of these steps to demonstrate just how easy this process is. I won’t go in to detail on why we are doing what we are doing or how to size your exchange 2013 deployments in these series, but expect to see some information about those topics Smile

  1. Installing Exchange 2013
  2. Importing and exporting certificates
  3. Configuring the exchange virtual directories
  4. Enable outlook anywhere
  5. Configuring a DAG on Exchange 2013
  6. Adding a server to an Exchange 2013 DAG
  7. Adding a mailbox database copy on Exchange 2013
  8. Creating and assigning the Offline Address book to Exchange 2013
  9. Configuring Outlook to Use Outlook Anywhere
  10. Cutover testing
  11. Enabling circular logging
  12. Moving users to Exchange 2013
  13. Verifying connectivity to Exchange 2013

Public folders will not be included in this series but will get it’s own dedicated attention!

Exchange 2013 Migration: Importing and exporting the exchange certificates
Step 2 in the migration process from Exchange 2010 to 2013 is to export and import the right certificates on to your CAS servers. In this article we'll go through that process...
Installing Exchange 2013 CU1
To start of the migration path to Exchange 2013 we have to install it first of all! In this post we'll have a look at how we configure the prerequisites as well as installing the actual software itself...