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The virtualized data center - Part One: Overview

There used to be a time where the whole concept of a data center was limited to (very) large companies due to the cost and housing, not even to mention the cooling and electricity required, of all those machines humming along in giant, underground lair. It was a huge undertaking that got a bit simpler with the rise of VMware and their virtualization techniques, but still required a massive amount of resources.
Now that different players have come to the market, all with their own possibilities, things are looking up for smaller companies which want to save costs on various fronts or are simply looking into building their own underground lair of a data center.
But if we look at building this, how would we go to realise such an undertaking technically? Not to mention business wise?
For now I’ll leave the business concept out of it. There’s a lot of information on the interwebz about this and Microsoft itself has a number of processes available on the subject (and many more):
When we plan to build a data center we have to think about a number of things:
·         Hardware for the host servers
·         Networking requirements
·         Storage requirements
·         Fault tolerance
·         Software infrastructure
·         Management approach
And of course: what is this going to cost?
Out of all the different ways of designing and implementing a (virtual) data center the budget you have available will determine most of the route you can follow in relation to the route you would want to follow. I can imagine that we all would want to setup a fully redundant, highly performing, playground solution  to our business needs, but sometimes we have to deploy a less than perfect infrastructure to be able to get this sold to the business.

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