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Problem Jenkins dashboard shows following simian analysis: But after clicking one item I get: Solution My simian call was: .\tools\Simian\bin\simian-2... ./src/**/*.cs -formatter=xml:.\bin\Simian... -threshold=10 -excludes="**/*.Designer.cs" -excludes="**/*Fixture*.cs" -excludes="**/*.g.cs" -excludes="**/*.xaml.cs" -failOnDuplication- but the folder prefix (‘./’) for current folder in front of (‘src/**/*.cs’) is wrong. Deleting the unnecessary chars lets the system work: ......

Why such constructs are included in the csproj-Files? <CodeAnalysisRuleSetDire... Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Team Tools\Static Analysis Tools\\Rule Sets</CodeAnalysisRuleSe... <CodeAnalysisRuleDirecto... Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Team Tools\Static Analysis Tools\FxCop\\Rules</Code... So it every projects needs some manual steps to clean the project file so the solution could be build on ......

Problem Normally PostSharp runs fine on unattended build servers. So on our global Jenkins continuous integration server PostSharp does the job. But on my local TeamCity continuous integration server I got the following error: POSTSHARP error PS0127: The aspect 'EsriDE.Commons.Logging.Aop... uses non-licensed features (Basic Features). Please visit to acquire a license of PostSharp. POSTSHARP error PS0154: Information regarding the previous ......

Problem A continuous integration server should only have a minimal toolset installed. This ensures that no unwanted libraries could affect the build and other steps. Clearly that with this slogan also StyleCop should not be installed to the CI server. But we wanna have this analysis as an part of the whole build. Solution Prerequisites First at all we need the necessary files from StyleCop (the core assemblies and the target). The easiest way is to download the MSI of StyleCop, install the software ......

Motivation Encouraged from the article “Using NuGet without committing packages to source control” I decided to wrap the NuGet-call in a MSBuild target instead of using a pre-build event. Because we also trigger FxCop and StyleCop via targets this fits better in our project management. Create the targets-file First at all we need a targets-file for integration. It is located in a DevTree beside the NuGet-executable beneath a special tool-folder: The content is quite simple: <Project xmlns="http://schemas.micro... ......

Getting the ressources First at all download xUnit xUnit Contrib ReSharper http://xunitcontrib.codeple... This gives you a bridge between ReSharper functionality and your XUnit coding. Installation und Configuration Unzip both archives. xUnit part Configure the code to use xUnit Normally I prefer a single checkout point for my developing solution – this whole bundle I name DevTree. One of the top folders in the hierarchy of this DevTree is a lib-Folder. ......