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Friday, October 5, 2012 #

Initial situation

Often for Visual Studio projects the typical content of a .gitignore file contains this line

  • bin or
  • [B|b]in

It is used to avoid that Git tries to track compile outputs as repository relevant data.


But keep in mind: this will also suppress bin folders of additional stuff like frameworks and toolsets.
For instance

  • Microsoft.SDKs
    contains a folder named Bin with a lot of programs
  • Simian
    contains a folder named bin with the program themselves

If you store such artifacts also in the repository - according to the principle of a “self containing project” – you could lost the content in the bin folder!


Till yet I don’t have a good idea.

So I verify for each new added toolset or framework whether it has or has not such a bin folder. If it has, then I must add this bin folder manually to the repository so that Git track it.