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Since sometime I have been toying with the idea of publishing developer interviews on my blog. There are a large number of non-Microsoft developers(ie, developers who are not MS employees) who have been doing good work. A lot of them are largely unknown to the worldwide developer community. Some are awarded MVPs, yet are not much known outside their league/ chosen technology. And there are many who haven’t received the MVP award, even though they strongly qualify for it through their relentless support to the community and sheer hard work. So it is my modest ambition to shine some spotlight on such folks, both the MVPs as well as the non MVPs all of whom have one thing in common – passion for technology.


Finally today, I present to you the implementation of this idea. Here’s the first interview.


Dhananjay Kumar is  an MVP and passionate learner of Microsoft technologies.  He is presently working for UST Global in Kerala. He hails from Jamshedpur and is an alumni of AEC Agra. He blogs at and can be found on twitter at @debugmode_

He has won several awards for his contribution to C# corner.

Onwards ho.

How long have you been working in the software industry?

I have been working  in the software industry for about two and half years now. Alongside my day job at UST global where I research and work on the latest Microsoft technologies, I have also written extensively, for websites like C# corner ( and my blog.

What technologies are you comfortable with?

I consider myself as a learner of technology and I love all technologies based on the Microsoft platform. So whatever new  technology comes on the Microsoft landscape,  I learn them. But to answer your question,  I am comfortable with WCF, REST, WCF Data Service, Azure   and Data in Silverlight.

What makes you feel charged as a developer?

I think I am self-motivated person but yes, daily new challenges at work and in the community gives me motivation to work harder.

Software keeps updating every single day. With so many technologies and so many  versions, how do you keep up to date? What is your learning mantra?

Yes , it is true that software and technology are very dynamic. They change with each passing  day but if you follow technology sincerely, each newly added feature provide you  new opportunity to learn. My learning mantra is commit an hour daily towards self-learning. 

 Do you think Silverlight has a lot of potential? What according to you are its biggest strengths and what are its weaknessess?

I won’t able to comment on biggest strengths and weaknesses of Silverlight because I am still learning it but I do think it has a very strong potential and is the future of web development.  

Do you prefer books for learning or online resources such as websites, blogs, forums?


Personally, I prefer books over online materials. Because in books  I  find subjects explained in a more structured and articulated way.  But I want to be updated on the latest in technologies and development. Hence, I also follow blogs of top developers like John Papa , Scott Guthrie , Pinal Dave , Tim Heuer , Victor  Gaudioso etc.

Was becoming an MVP a "big" dream? If yes, what is your next "big" dream?

Yes, achieving an MVP was a dream. Next dream is to keep helping the community in all possible ways and keep improving myself technically and professionally.

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Nice to read this...
Proud to have Dhanajay in my team.... wish him all good luck in current and future endevours.
Left by Manish on Nov 12, 2010 2:57 PM

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Thanks Manish.
Left by Mamta on Nov 13, 2010 12:21 PM

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Keep Up Dhananjay!!
Left by Krishna on Nov 26, 2010 12:15 PM

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i really feel proud of u.keep going on ....high up.
Left by sammi on Mar 30, 2013 7:08 PM

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