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When you first use a new piece of software do you trust it right away, or does it need to earn your trust? The same goes for the code you write, are the kind of person who just re-reads some code and says "it will work" or do you doubt yourself until your unit tests are complete and all passing?

I'm the untrusting type, and when it comes to my code I rarely trust my unit tests at first. If I can't write perfect code on the first attempt (like all people), how can I think that my first attempt at testing that code would be perfect?

Some software I trust: Money, TurboTax, and Outlook. There are some things that these three apps have in common: they are desktop apps, they handle sensitive data, and they work both online and offline. When it comes to trusting web apps, I am must less trusting. There are still too many possible problems that happen with web:

This brings me to Farecast. A relatively new website that claims that it can tell you the best time to buy airline tickets be studying historic price fluctuations in ticket prices to and from certain locations. As someone who has to make 5 trips back to NY this year (3 weddings, a graduation, and Christmas), I am visiting this website daily. Here is a screenshot of Farecast from today's search.

It wants me to wait for these tickets, but should I trust it? It does have the very popular 'Beta' tag on its logo, so that gives it free reign to make mistakes and say "It is Beta software, what do you expect". I will continue to check the site for these tickets for another week or so. Who knows, maybe after that week I can add another piece of trusted software to my list.



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