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They all have to start someplace. So as I sit here watching Lost I finally decided to start blogging after reading thousands and thousands of blogs over the past 3 or 4 or more years

Living in the Bay Area means I'm currently in the center of the web 2.0 bubble. It was great when I was searching for a new job 4 months ago. I currently work for a startup ( I'm employee #6 ). We are doing a lot of cool things with .NET, web services, SOA and SaaS. There might even be a developer community around the things we've built soon. I like working on developer tools/APIs, because it is one of the few places I can say I understand the audience. 

If this blog doesn't end up an abandoned blog I hope to write about some of the following:

  • .NET (C# and VB)
  • mobile devices and .NET CF programming
  • Web services
  • WCF
  • WPF and/or WPF/e
  • Unit testing / TDD
  • CI with ccnet
  • source control with subversion
  • bug tracking with Trac
  • general tech stuff
  • general web 2.0 hype

 I'm not a big gamer, as I'm sure my gamerscore shows, but I'll throw my gamer tag up her anyway. My favorite game still remains the original ToeJam & Earl for Genesis.



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