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Alex Groß’s visit to Uganda

In November Alex Groß ( was in Uganda for holidays and we hijacked him to speak to us on some .NET geek stuff. Smile 


In the image above you see Allan Rwakatungu, Jude Opima, Myself and Alex Groß. More pictures

These are some of the topics that were discussed.

  1. Test Driven Development. Alex shared a great amount detail and a step by step tour of how you can work with unit tests and went on to show MSpec as a BDD tool.
  2. The concepts behind Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous deployment and using tools such as TeamCity. He demonstrated one of his project DuplicateFileFinder which is in .NET but uses some ruby build and deployment scripts. I really liked his application and the way it was organised. You can fork it from here
  3. There was some other .NET development topics we talked about ranging from Object Relational Mapping (ORMs), CQRS and BDD among others.

[Download] the PowerPoint presentation about his talk on BDD and MSpec.

Alex is very passionate about .NET user groups, follow him on @agross

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