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ASP.NET textbox multiline maxlength

multiline textbox with maxlength in

According to msdn in ASP.NET you can not use textbox’s MaxLength property with Multiline Mode. But I was required in my current application. So I search google and other search engines and finally got few solution. I am simply compiling all of the solutions in single post.
Solution Number 1 for

ASP.NET TextBox.MultiLine maxlength

Add following javascript

function Count(text,long)




      var maxlength = new Number(long); // Change number to your max length.


if(document.getElementById('<%=textBox.ClientID%>').value.length > maxlength){


            text.value = text.value.substring(0,maxlength);


            alert(" Only " + long + " chars");




Where “textBox” is the asp text box ID.
Also add following events in your textbox.

onKeyUp="javascript:Count(this,200);" onChange="javascript:Count(this,200);"

Your textbox code should look like


<asp:TextBox ID="textBox" onKeyUp="javascript:Count(this,2);" onChange="javascript:Count(this,2);"  TextMode=MultiLine Columns="5" Rows="5" runat=server>



Solution Number 2 for


ASP.NET TextBox.MultiLine maxlength

Another way to achieve this is regular expression. You can add following regular expression validate on asp text box.

<asp:RegularExpressionValidator ID="txtConclusionValidator1" ControlToValidate="textBox" Text="Exceeding 200 characters" ValidationExpression="^[\s\S]{0,2}$" runat="server" />

Hope this helps you!!!

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