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Not to load code modules into memory until you are sure you are going to be required. Example:

I am having Category and Sub-Category. Category can hold list of Sub-Category, but this sub-category is not require every time. I’ll load sub-category when it is required. I am using following code to achieve this.


public class Category



      // Other Geter Seter..


      private List<SubCategory> _subCategories;

   /// <summary>

        /// Sub Categories

        /// </summary>

        public List<SubCategory> SubCategories




                //Lazy Load

                if (_subCategories == null)

                    _subCategories = GetSubCategories(this.ID);

                return _subCategories;


            set { _subCategories = value; }




I’ll not fill list of sub-category in default load of Category object (cunstructor or some Load method) instant of I’ll load list of sub-category when it is acthuly required.

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