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.NET having solution files, project files and web project.

Solution file can contains multiple project files as well as web project.

Few days back I had to start building new .NET based application. I found few good things and try to share.


First of all I am having multiple projects in the solution.

Logical layers for my  web application are:

(user) -> UI -> [AL -> BLL -> DAL] -> (DB)
                              [   -> DTOs        ]
                              [   -> ES             ]

  • UI = User interface
  • AL = Application layer (handlers, as web pages and web services)
  • BLL = Business logic layer (business logic + domain objects)
  • DAL = Data access layer (wrap DB and map data to entities and back)
  • DTOs = Data transfer objects (Mapped to DB entity) referenced by BL and DAL.
  • ES = External services



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