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Going over all the w3wp processes in task manager is frustrating if you wanna do this frequently :). So here it is.

taskkill /F /IM w3wp.exe /T

Works in the command line and PowerShell as well.

I have a small question for sharepoint experts. :)

Can we deploy a Content Type as a feature with some extended settings like "Workflow settings" and "Information management policy settings"?

If so please enlighten me on how to do that.

Type below in the command line replacing <MC name or IP> with the machine name or IP you want to connect. This works with WinXP and Vista. mstsc -v:<MC name or IP> /f -console Updated: :D There is a easy way. Just type mstsc /console in the command prompt ......

One of the main things you should consider if you believe in good coding is error or exception handling. When it come to programming languages, now all popular object oriented languages have try, catch method to handle an exception. We can put our code (which might gives errors or exceptions) inside the try block and error handling code in the catch block. This has become the de-facto of error or exception handling now. But when it comes to T-SQL we hadn’t got that luxury. Error handling in T-SQL ......

Well... After 6 months I’m gonna do it again. I don’t know people who used to visit my blog still are doing that. Anyway will tell ya what happened in last 6 months later. :D Well today I was working on deploying a SharePoint site in 64 bit server. This is the first time I’m putting my hands on x64 bit machines. If you are used to do or want to do SharePoint deployments and never done that in 64 bit servers just keep in mind below. There are 2 programming files folders in 64 bit machines. Normal ......

Visual WebGui is the .net answer for GWT (Google Web Toolkit). But it’s seems more powerful than GWT even though it’s not coming from Microsoft and yet it’s open source. Still I hadn’t got time to put my hands on deeply but you can feel it by just browsing their web site and checking the features and comparing those with GWT. Not like GWT, in Visual WebGui you can use existing windows controls to create your UI. Major advantage of Visual WebGui over GWT is we can deploy Visual WebGui applications ......

Check this out. Worth to see.

Thx Senthil for the url.

Well… folks it’s have been a long time that I didn’t post anything in the blog or in the forum. People were asking me, dude… what’s going on? Actually what going on was mmm… nothing. Its just I didn’t post anything. I was kinda busy sometimes but that doesn’t mean I hadn’t got time to post sth in the blog. Any way I’m gonna start doing that thing again. Well I think I have to explain what’s happening on past couple of months. That surely requires dozens of posts. BTW Here I’m gonna give a brief summery. ......