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Tuesday, August 26, 2008 #

STSDEV is a simple tool for SharePoint developers. It helps you to create SharePoint projects (with solutions precisely) and deploy templates and components into the SharePoint 2007 platform.

This tool creates project and solution in same name and in the same folder. We all know we never put the solution and project files in the same folder and never use same name for the solution and the project. Unfortunately we didn’t find a way of changing those and use the tool after since it gives errors. I found a very easy way of tweaking that from changing small line in the source code or changing a line in the generated .target file.

And furthermore I have changed the tool to support for supplying a different project name when creating a solution and now we are using it in our SharePoint project.

BTW I'll explain how to tweak the tool to use separate source folder for project by a small change in the source code in next post. Until then play with the tool and have some fun.

If you want that version of the tool with source code please email me.