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There is a good audio talk show in .net Rocks with Mark Pollack who founded Spring.Net. Particularly this show would be more useful if you are not aware of the potential of Spring.Net. BTW Spring.Net has announced the release of Spring.NET 1.1 M1 (Milestone 1). New features and improvements in the release are below. * NUnit Integration: Aids in writing integration tests. Configuration of test cases via dependency injection and automatic transaction rollback * NHibernate 1.0/1.2 Integration: Simplify ......

Last couple of weeks I was really busy with some R&D works on Google Web Toolkit (GWT). May be you already know GWT is an open source software development framework for creating Ajax enabled web applications like Gmail. Wonderful thing about GWT is may be you don’t have any knowledge about Ajax or in depth knowledge in java script but yet you can develop very advanced Ajax enabled applications. So if you have a web application project and a team of java developers who don’t know much about web ......