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Can you model Aggregations in Class Designer? No, you can't. The problem is that Aggregations and Compositions cannot be distinguished from regular associations in code because the .NET languages (apart from Visual C++ perhaps) do not distinguish members held "by reference" (regular association) from those held "by value" (aggregation or composition). Even if you could model aggregation in Class Designer, the information would be lost when you re-visualized the code, for example by dragging the classes ......

Seems like more people are concerning on the WinFX renaming to .NET 3.0. There is a petition in the web written by Rei Miyasaka. WinFX was renamed to .NET 3.0. This decision was made without any community feedback, which is uncharacteristic of Microsoft's recent openness to community input. Not only is .NET 3.0 a misnomer, it throws a wrench in the .NET Framework, likely jamming future versions. It is also a severe inconvenience to developers, especially newcomers. We ask that this short-sighted ......

We all know that .NET 3.0 is coming. But majority of the community are still catching things in 2.0. But don’t worry; there is no framework change in 3.0 from 2.0 but some additional features (libraries) ships with. So how come it’s a main version change ha? I think Microsoft had to make it 2.1 or sth but not going for 3.0. Actually I’m not the only one thinks like that. Check this out and let me know what do you think ......