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Friend and fellow SC UG leader Chris Eargle and I headed down to Jacksonville Code Camp on Friday night wondering what might be in store for us since Fay had dumped so much rain over the past few days. We were assured by the JAX CC folks that Fay wouldn't stop them. Even with a venue change, Fay didn't stop them so huge props to the folks in Jacksonville for pulling this together and managing it through the changes dictated by that storm blowing through.

Getting down there was a small adventure. Turns out *someone* (cough Chris!) was using an inferior mapping product which will remain nameless and it just so happened that it "auto-suggested" a fix for the destination address which unfortunately wasn't caught until we exited off I-95 towards a rather dark and more run-down area of Jacksonville. I remember saying to Chris there was no way there was a Hyatt hotel anywhere on that street we were turning down based on the faulty map address.

That whole experience with the map felt like this:

We mastered the Spectral Wolf and got back on track and finally arrived at the hotel...only we were too late for the hotel restaurant for dinner so we grabbed a quick meal in the sports bar and then I had to call it a night.

Waking up early the next morning we headed out to East Pointe Church (the site of the code camp after relocating due to Fay). The church actually was a pretty good facility. They had plenty of rooms available for the sessions.

Although I hadn't signed up to speak at this code camp (I only found out about it roughly a week or so before hand) I always travel to code camp with a slide deck. Figuring there would probably be a couple of last minute cancellations due to the weather I approached Jonathan Bates about speaking and he was glad to have me fill in. I ended up giving the Windows Mobile State & Notifications Broker talk where I build a call blocking application.

While I was there I got to re-connect with folks I haven't seen in a while (Joe Healy, Russ Fustino, fellow GWB'er Scott Dorman) as well as meet plenty of new folks. I also got to meet some in person for the first time that I had only previously knew online. All in all a great time.

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