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TechNet interactive campaign lets the geek get the glory

Just when you thought your eyes had finally healed from years of straining to make out pixelated adventure game graphics, Server Quest rolls into your browser like an avalanche of early nineties gaming action.  This spring, prepare to be ushered into a world where the IT pro reigns supreme.  "Don't they already?" you might ask.  Maybe so, but this is your chance to prove it. 

You play as Matt and Alicia, IT geniuses navigating their way through the perils of office life, while trying to protect the network from malicious software and keep the entire staff booted up and logged on.  Are you geek enough to keep the server safe and win the long-overdue respect of the office's arrogant sales guy, Chase? In order to find out, you'll have to dig deep into your surroundings, solve puzzles, and uncover Easter Eggs and mini games that will help you inch your way closer to the prize—and closer to carving your name into the annals of geekdom.

Server Quest is an entertaining viral promotion that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the challenges and annoyances that IT professionals face every day. 

Look for it online at  This spring, play Server Quest…and give a geek a chance.


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