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A while back I wrote about a little app I started working on that gives me back control of my phone - basically a configurable call blocker. All was fine and good with the world until a family emergency hit - and I had to abandon all development and basically everything for about 2 my little app was left in a bit of an unpolished stage though it had worked well enough for the time.

Fast forward to yesterday when I was talking to my wife and *poof* we get disconnected. Turns out my little app had dutifully detected an incoming telemarketing call and programmatically pressed the "Ignore Call" soft key. Apparently while you're already on a call it seems that the Pinvoke key code I'm using does something different - it hangs least that's what I think was happening. I'll need to go back over the code and see if I had anything else going on that could have caused that to happen...but after several tests of talking on the phone (well talking to my home answering machine) while calling my phone from another number that I'm currently blocking, the original call (and the new call) both get disconnected.

Posted on Thursday, March 20, 2008 8:36 AM .NET Compact Framework , Windows Mobile | Back to top

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