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While I've read that the audio device which Virtual PC uses is not officially supported under Windows 2003 Server, I did find a blog entry which somewhat explained how to get it working. I offer my version of what worked based on my trial and errors with the original blog.

  1. Either mount the ISO or load the Windows XP product CD so you can access it via your Windows 2003 VPC
  2. Create a folder on your VPC desktop called "sound" (we just need it for a bit)
  3. On the CD, navigate to the i386 directory and locate the following file: WDMA_CTL.IN_
  4. Copy the WDMA_CTL.IN_ file to the "sound" directory you just created on your VPC desktop
  5. Go back to the CD and navigate to the Driver.CAB file - inside there you will find a file called ctlsb16.sys you want to Extract that to your "sound" folder.
  6. Get thee to a command prompt (dunno why I wanted to say that) and navigate to your "sound" folder
  7. From the command prompt type "Extract WDMA_CTL.IN_ WDMA_CTL.INF" (without the quotes - did I really need to include that?)
  8. Now you should be able to install the drivers for the virtual SB 16 device on the VPC - but wait there's more!
  9. You may need to go to the Control Panel - select Sound and Audio Devices and enable the sound service - This will require a reboot and then you should be able to hear audio on your Windows 2003 VPC.

P.S. - the original blog entry I found on this is here.

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