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So I put together a dev box for Android last night and spent some time earlier today getting the Java SDK, Android SDK and Eclipse installed. Went ahead and installed the Eclipse plugin for Android as well - and after all that...well so far I haven't been impressed. Part of it may be because I was used to NetBeans for Java development, or maybe there's something either case I'm not ready to give up yet...perhaps I'll try it with NetBeans later today.

I can certainly say that even when I first discovered the .NET Compact Framework it was far easier to get a basic app created and deployed to my device than it's been to get one created and running here in the Android emulator...which may be another minor sore far there's no deployment have to run your stuff in the emulator.


Posted on Saturday, December 8, 2007 3:17 PM Blowing off steam , Android | Back to top

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