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I won a self-stirring coffee mug in the March 2007 Community-Credit contest :)


One of the funny quirks with this prize is I actually suggested it as a prize a few months back – so not only was it accepted as a “stupid prize” but then I turn around and get it as the 5th place winner. I did the same thing a few months back with the “snow in a bag” I recommended and then later won. The good news with that track record is that this month the grand prize is an R2-D2 trash can…which is about the coolest darn trash can I’ve ever seen…and guess who suggested it as a prize? Me – but wait, there’s more! (I sound like an infomercial) – in order to win that prize this month I have to REALLY work because as a current winner I’m now handicapped in the current contest…so all my point submissions are worth a whole lot less because of my handicap.


In some ways I think the handicap is a good idea though (maybe even better *after* I might happen to win the coveted R2-D2 trash can!) so that the same folks might not win month after month…not that those who have won in the past don’t deserve it – they are typically very active in the community, but it gives some other folks a chance to win now and again. This is the first month David’s using the handicap system for Community-Credit so we’ll see how it all turns out.


For those who haven’t signed up – do it now – you might just win something stupid too! :)

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